Meridian Mattress Factory

Crafting Quality Sleep Products Since 1892!


Meridian Mattress is a family business started by Josiah Crudup in 1892 and still being operated by Jo Ann Crudup today. Meridian Mattress Factory is growing and we have to thank our loyal customers for continuing to support our efforts to create and manufacture the best hand-crafted, high quality mattresses at affordable prices. In 2016 and 2017, we won back to back Meridian Star’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Mattresses.

Meridian Mattress Factory continues as it started: a family owned business listening to our customers and manufacturing hand-crafted bedding. That’s our secret family recipe to create the quality and durability you get with every Meridian Mattress Factory product.

Our Keys To Success
We believe a mattress hand crafted by experienced people will out-perform any mattress created in an automated manufacturing process. Hands-on expertise is required to get our products just right for you. From the wood we select to make our foundations to the wire we use to make our box springs, we care as much about the materials you won’t see as we do about the materials you will see on the outside of our products. We’ve been manufacturing mattresses for over 100 years and we know what works and what doesn’t work in our customers’ homes. So, we design and style our mattresses to work with any decor. Whether you need a firm or soft mattress, we can help you pick a mattress perfect for your needs. We are also happy to customize any of our mattress styles to tailor a mattress set just for you. Our one goal is to make you comfortable in your own bed. We prove every day you can buy the highest quality products made right here in the USA at affordable prices. Every hand crafted mattress we make is 100% Made In The USA in Meridian, MS!

  • Person Jo Ann Crudup
  • Address 200 26th Ave South
    Meridian, MS 39301

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