Can anyone join Tipmasters?

Yes! Assuming that the category you have chosen to represent is open and there are no obvious conflicts with existing members, then your application will be presented to the Tipmaster Board for consideration. If the Board recommends acceptance of your application, then your application for membership will be voted on by the entire membership. If two or more applications are submitted at the same time for the same category and both are accepted by the Tipmaster Board, then the application receiving the most votes from the membership will be offered the membership position.

What does “Tipmaster” mean?

There is a club called “Toastmasters” which gives members the opportunity to learn how to speak publicly and be a business leader. Similarly, Tipmasters allows small business owners the opportunity to network with other small business owners to grow their business. When one member recommends another member it is called a “Tip” hence the name “Tipmasters.”

Why isn’t my category isn’t listed on the Open Categories List?

Possibly because the category is already filled by an existing member. You can check our Member Listings to see if one of your competitors is already in the club. If that is not the case, then we simply missed your category when we created our list. The good news is that if you will contact us and let us know what category you are wanting to represent, there is a very good chance, we’ll make that category available and let you know that you can apply to join under that category.

Since Tipmasters is about networking, shouldn’t everyone be allowed to join?

The goal of Tipmasters is to create an environment where someone can share leads or tips with other businesses without concern that the information they are providing will be used by their competition. By limited the membership to a single representative from each specific category, this fear of sharing is eliminated.