Little Caesar’s Pizza

Pizza! Pizza!


In 1959, Mike and Marian Ilitch invest their life savings into their first pizza store in Garden City, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Marian carefully recorded Little Caesars very first sales in a spiral notebook.

In 1962, The first franchise opened in Warren, Michigan. The business decision to expand through franchising paved the way for Little Caesars to become the fastest growing pizza chain in the U.S. and an internationally known brand. And, Little Caesars logo becomes a 3D figure used in outdoor signage.

In 1979, Little Caesars launches a new offer for two pizzas for the price of one and coins the famous PIZZA!PIZZA!® phrase.

In 1985, The Little Caesars Love Kitchen begins traveling the country providing free, hot pizza to the hungry and homeless, as well as disaster survivors.

In 1988, A square deep dish pizza, called Pan!Pan!® is added to the Little Caesars menu. As part of the two-for-one deal, customers can get two Pan!Pan! pizzas or Mix or Match® with a round pizza.

In 1997, Shakerboards are introduced to advertise the HOT-N-READY® promotion.

  • Person Ken LaBruyere
  • Address 806 Hwy 19 North, Ste 300
    Meridian, MS 39307


    2310 North Hills St
    Meridian, MS 39305

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