Hill Real Estate Group, LLC

Go Hill Group!


We are in the real estate business simply because we love all facets of real estate. It is literally one of those careers that we enjoy so much that you always love to be at work.

Things that make Hill Real Estate Group different than other firms….

  1. We want to be more innovative and stay on top of the cutting edge of technology and then utilize that technology to better serve our clients and agents more efficiently.
  2. We are constantly evolving and changing with the times as the industry evolves in order to stay a leader in real estate in our area
  3. We treat our agents/employees like family and create high office moral and a teamwork atmosphere by constantly offering positive reinforcement/encouragement.
  4. The fourth and final point that makes us stand out as a difference maker is our involvement with the community to make Meridian and the surrounding area a better quality of life for all to enjoy. Giving back to the community is a core value for HRG.

As a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, Hill Real Estate Group abides by the Realtor Code of Ethics and the highest levels of professionalism when working with their clients.

  • Person Lisa Hickman
  • Address 609 22nd Avenue
    Meridian, MS 39301

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